Центр социальных и интеграционных исследований

About the Center for social and integration investigation

The Center for Social and Integration Investigation (CSII) is a belarusian independent research, information and educational, non-profit organization that studies the problems of social development in Belarus and its international relations.

CSII is engaged in analytical, research work, public education, promotes international understanding and cooperation, dialogue of cultures. Thus, he seeks to contribute to the development of free thinking and solidarity actions in the spirit of social justice, traditional values ​​and internationalism.

Our values

  • social justice, the central place of the working man;
  • family, traditional values ​​and culture;
  • solidary democracy of responsible citizens;
  • internationalism and ethnopluralism;
  • Eurasian integration;
  • multipolar world order;
  • environmental protection, ecology.

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