Наш образ будущего

Our vision of the future

Is a society of solidarity democracy of responsible citizens, filled with diverse forms of participation, with a meaningful, meaningful life in which the free development of everyone will become the basis for the free development of everyone. Ethnic, religious and cultural diversity is steadily possible in it, a society where the working man, his creativity and responsible participation will be at the center.

Responsible democratic participation, education, personal and social health, and public safety are basic basic goods. Decent work is part of a good, fulfilling life. Peace is more than the absence of war. We advocate such a development of the relationship between man and nature, which has a future.

We advocate overcoming international confrontation, integrating Greater Eurasia on the basis of equality and mutual respect, abandoning international diktat and transitioning to a multipolar world order.

Therefore, our actions are aimed at overcoming racist, colonial and imperialist relations and open access to the benefits of freedom for all people and societies.

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